What is the Best Knife Bag? (The Ultimate Blade Storage Options 2018)

A bag for a knife, really? You may not think that you need a bag to carry around your best kitchen knives as well as other kitchen tools. But if you’re planning on taking your kitchen knives to your summer rental house or even on a camping trip you should consider getting a knife bag or knife roll as they're often termed by professional chefs.

In fact, carrying and storing kitchen knives in a knife bag is second nature to chefs. Chefs love their kitchen knives and take them everywhere, and the knife roll keeps to keep their knives clean, secure and also makes it easier and safer to carry them in the most discreet way possible.

When it comes to choosing the best knife bag, there are numerous variations and types. Do you want a knife bag, a knife roll, or even a knife case? If you're just wanting a place to store your knives a basic knife bag is going to fine, allowing you to pull out the bag when needed for food preparation. If you're a chef maybe consider a leather chef knife roll, these are compact and durable. Let’s take a closer look.

Best Knife Bag for Chefs and Home Cooks

If you're a chef looking for a new leather chef knife roll or if you're just an avid home cook looking for the best way to store your kitchen knives, here are some of the best knife bag options that will keep your kitchen knives safely housed.

Messermeister Knife Bag

Messermeister Knife Bag

For those of you who a looking for a cheap knife bag but don’t want to scrimp on quality then the Messermeister 12-pocket padded knife bag is a great option. The Messermeister knife bag is perfect for both the professional and home chefs on the move, and it features 12 pockets to house your kitchen knives safely, and it can even hold a knife up to 18-inches in length, which is ideal for that large chef knife or even for holding your honing steel.

The knife bag is fully lined inside with the addition of a foam core to the exterior of the bag. The actual construction of the knife bag is extremely durable thanks to the abrasion-resistant nylon 600 denier cloth combined with heavy-duty metal zippers. Excellent choice for those wanting the best knife bag at a reasonable price.

Ultimate Edge Knife Bag

Ultimate Edge Knife Bag

For the chef who has everything or someone who simply has a lot of kitchen knives, this knife bag is a perfect choice. The Ultimate Edge knife bag features 18 elasticized interior knife pockets that have been double stitched for extra durability.

An excellent addition to this chef knife bag is the five exterior zippered pockets which are the perfect place to store pens and pencils as well as various other kitchen tools, and there's even a pocket for your business cards. Organizing your kitchen knives in this bag is super easy, the bag opens like a book revealing multiple compartments for storing knives and other kitchen tools.

Each “page” holds at least four knives, and all of the compartments have durable padding ensuring that your knives don’t rub together while you're on the move. The quality of this knife bag is excellent and is very well constructed and robust. A great gift for a professional chef, good price for a knife bag that will last.

Wusthof Professional Chefs Knife Bag

Wusthof Professional Chefs Knife Bag

Sometimes simple is best; simple the Wusthof knife bag might be, but that is where the similarities end. Wusthof is a well-known name in the kitchen knife industry, so it makes perfect sense for them to produce one of the best knife bags to house all of those knives they are manufacturing.

This is a great option for a culinary student; it’s light, durable and comes in at a decent price. It folds three ways and secures via Velcro and can hold up to 10 kitchen knives up to 12 inches in length with each pocket featuring a special flap which protects and covers the blades. On the outer side, there's a pocket which is ideal for other small kitchen items or even pens and pencils.

The Wusthof knife bag has been crafted from puncture-resistant durable black nylon and includes plastic snap closures on the interior flap which closes securely with a zippered closure. If you want a classic looking chefs knife bag, this is a must-have.

J.A. Henckels Knife Storage Roll

J.A. Henckels Knife Storage Roll

Coming in at just under 20 bucks (at the time of writing), the J.A. Henckels knife roll is a steal. Offering a classic knife roll look combined with durable and heavy-duty nylon material making this knife roll an excellent choice for transporting a set of knives to work, school, or even on vacation.

It also features a flap at the end that folds over your knives once rolled to stop them from poking out and potentially hurting someone. There is plenty of room for storing your kitchen knives in this knife roll, with seven 20-inch long knife slots that can accommodate almost any knife or even a large honing steel – your best chef knives will feel right at home tucked up in this roll.

Safe & Sound Gear Leather Knife Roll

Safe & Sound Gear Leather Knife Roll

I have had a lot of readers ask me if I could find a good leather chef knife roll. Well, to be honest, there aren’t that many readily available (hard to believe I know), but I did stumble across this gem. The Safe & Sound Gear leather knife roll is a rustic looking knife roll that can hold more than 20 kitchen knives, and when unlatched and unrolled, the bag is surprisingly long.

Each of the pockets has a piece of elastic to hold your knives in place. However, don’t expect this leather knife roll to keep large kitchen knives; you’ll be hard pushed to fit it larger chefs knives in it and forget about storing your honing steel in this as it's not going to fit.

For a cheap (under 20 bucks at the time of writing) leather knife roll, it does what it is intended to do; it organizes medium-to-small knives and protects them from just being tossed into the kitchen drawer, clanking together, and potentially becoming damaged.

Victorinox Knife Roll

Victorinox Knife Roll

When it comes to knife bags for chefs you want something simple, let be honest it’s not rocket science. That is where Victorinox have “hit the nail on the head” with their offering. Yes it’s simple, yes it’s plain, but does it hold knives safely and securely, yes!

Victorinox kitchen knives are a fan favorite with culinary students across the globe, mainly due to their affordability and quality. The Victorinox name is the same brand behind the iconic Swiss Army Knife, so you know you’re getting a good product.

The Victorinox Knife Roll; this roll comes in our top place for affordability over quality, and it has been crafted from durable black polyester with a PVC lining that helps to keep it water resistant. The 13 pockets can hold kitchen knives up to 14-inches in length, and there are even a few additional pockets for holding extra accessories. The outside of the knife roll features a business card holder, or if you're a culinary student, it’s a perfect place for a name and class card.

Kitchen Knife Set With Bag

Chef Knife Set With Bag

What if you are starting from scratch and have no kitchen knives or maybe you are looking to give a kitchen knife set as a gift? I’ve got you covered, how about a chef knife bag that already contains a selection of kitchen knives.

If any of you have ever watched Top Chef, then you’ll already be familiar with their kitchen knives. This chef knife set with bag is officially licensed by Bravo TV and contains all of the must-have kitchen knives that every chef or home cook starting out on their culinary journey needs.

It comes with a 5-inch and 7-inch Santoku kitchen knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife, a honing steel all housed in a nylon carrying case. Each of the knives features an ice-tempered high-quality stainless steel blade with a laser-etched Top Chef logo. For a beginner cook, this knife set along with the best knife bag is a great option that won’t break the bank.

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