The Best Way to Clean Your Kitchen Knives (The Basics!)

Kitchen knives put in long hours of hard work in order to help us prepare fresh and tasty meals for our families. Even the highest quality kitchen knives will require a little tender loving care every now and then, in order to keep their sharpness and shine. One of the main ways you can look after your kitchen knives is simply to keep them clean.

However, this is not as simple as sticking them in dishwasher with the plates and glasses. Dishwashers can actually be very damaging to kitchen knives due to the intense heat and high volume of water. If your knives have wooden the handles then this heat and water will cause the wood to crack and the handles to weaken. Therefore you should really be washing all of your knives by hand. But, even then there are a few do’s and don’ts.

Clean Kitchen Knives with Soap and Water

Clean-Kitchen-Knives-with-Soap-and-WaterThe best and simplest way to clean your kitchen knives is to simply use soap and water. The first thing you need to do is to immediately rinse your knife in warm water after you have finished using it.

This way you can rinse off any food that will otherwise stick and dry up on the knife blade. When food is left on the knife to stick, you will likely need to use some sort of abrasive scourer to remove it and this can seriously damage the blade of the knife, leaving it blunt and un-useable.

If there is a time when you forget to immediately clean your chef knife set and food does stick, then just soak it in a bowl of clean hot water and soap until the food softens instead of scrubbing it off. This will ensure that your knife does not become damaged.

  • Hold the knife so that the blade is pointed away from you.
  • Next you will need to take a clean cloth or a sponge dampened with warm water with a small amount of soap on it and wipe it along the knife blade to clean off any excess food. If you are concerned about cutting yourself then you could lay the knife down on a flat surface and wipe each side individually.
  • Once the knife blade appears to be clean, you will need to rinse off the residue left behind by the soap using hot water.
  • Once the knife is completely clean you will need to dry it and put it away. Use a clean and dry cloth to remove any moisture from the knife blade and the handle. The reason for this is that if knives are left to air dry the water can actually damage them. This is especially the case when it comes to wooden handles as the warm water will cause the wood to swell and eventually to crack. Putting them away immediately ensures that nobody is in danger of hurting themselves. For example, it is extremely easy to knock a sharp knife off a draining board where it has been left to dry. This can result in a painful experience for your foot.

Clean Kitchen Knives with Anti-Bacterial Wipes

Clean-Kitchen-Knives-with-Anti-Bacterial-WipesSometimes you will need to clean your knife while you are still preparing a meal. When this is the case taking the time to wash and dry your knife might not be a luxury that you have when you’ve got many different ingredients on the go.

In this situation anti-bacterial wipes can be an absolute godsend. Because the wipes are wet and full of detergent you can easily remove any food and bacteria that has been left on the knives after cutting.

If you are worries about cutting yourself when wiping the sharp edge then there is an easy way to avoid this. Get a dry sponge and wrap the wipe around it, then simply wipe along each side of the knife to clean it. Once you have done this, take a dry cloth and again wipe along each side of the knife to get rid of any excess moisture. It is still important that you give you knives a thorough clean using soap and hot water, however when you need a quick fix, this technique is perfect.

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